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member of a people that travels from place to place to find fresh pasture ideas for its animals tribe and has no permanent home.

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So I started this podcast...

My friends started calling me The Nomad because I would travel all over Ghana from makerspace to makerspace just to talk to developers to gather ideas and perspectives. I figured the Tech Atmosphere in Ghana is greatly advancing. And at the heart of this advancement is the magical, intimate revelations of the youth. But this driving force is greatly sabotaged by Self Doubt, Little Support, Fewer Known Mentors, and the Lack of an Active Tech Community.

So I started this podcast to provide


Get developers in touch with projects around them and a means to connect with the developers building those projects.


Get pro tips from experts, founders and executives in areas of interest as they share their journey.

A Chance

Use this as opportunity to learn about developer communities and how you can contribute to the technological melting pot.

A Platform

Get involved, use this as a platform to showcase what you know, or what you have built. Get involved today!

Nomad Gist

Or Podcasts, if you may

Latest Episodes.

episode #5: YAGNI

| agile yagni design | Isaac Sesi and Sam Moorhouse

Yagni is a Design Pun popularized by Perl developers. Effectively, what it boils down to is this: Don't Build Code That You Don't Need!



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episode #4: Creating Your Own File Formats

| file formats customize software zip file extensions dotlearn custom files | Sam Bhattacharyya

The idea of having your own file formats seem very strange in 2018, but back in the earlier days of computing, this wasn’t a strange thing at all. Most people are familiar with typical file formats like mp4 for video, mp3 for audio, pdf or docx for documents. Those seem quite fixed and most people have never found weird file formats unless you use specialty software.



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episode #3: The Linux Terminal Server Project

| linux server terminal ltsp thin-client | Laud Bentil

The problem most systems administrators face with setting up home, office, or organizational infrastructure is security. If you are the one paying for this kind of setup, then it becomes an even bigger headache. What you probably want is a cost effective, more secure Linux Terminal Server which greatly improves value over traditional computing systems.



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The Team.

  • Barnabas Nomo
    Barnabas Nomo Founder, The Nomad.

    Hi, I am Barnabas, an Award Winning, Windows and Web developer from Koforidua, Ghana. I am passionate about development, interaction, and effecting change through STEM. I love to teach, and walk students through simple building blocks of algorithms. I also love to build lesson examples to help beginners understand certain programming languages and conventions.

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